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Giving Back

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition

Fighting Human Trafficking through the BSCC

We are proud to support the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition (BSCC) based out of San Diego, Ca.

About the BSCC

The Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition (BSCC) is an alliance of over 60 government and nonprofit agencies in the United States and Latin America that is convened in and along the U.S.-Mexico Border Region to combat slavery and human trafficking.

  • It is an anti-human trafficking network
  • It increases public awareness through education
  • Provides rescue, rehabilitation, and resources
  • Assists victims with counseling, medical, and legal service

What is Human Trafficking?

Trafficking in persons, is defined in the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (VTVPA) of 2000, as the recruitment, smuggling, harboring, transportation, buying or selling of a human through force, threats, fraud, deception or coercion for the purpose of exploitation.

Human Trafficking is the world’s fastest growing form of organized crime. The CIA estimates that 45,000 to 50,000 thousand persons are trafficked each year into the United States and that many of them pass through the San Diego County – Tijauna Region.

Forms of Trafficking

  • Domestic Servitude
  • Forced Labor
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Peonage
  • Bondage
  • CSEC

Recruitment is by force, deception, and coercion such as: Kidnapping, Internet, Maid or Modeling Schemes, Employment Companies, Matchmaking and Mail Order Brides, Babysitting and Au Pairs, and Migrant Camps.

To learn more visit the BSCC website at

Video spotlight of the partnership between 1Body 1Spirit and the BSCC.